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Bio Fertilizer

The high quality Bio Fertilizer is offered by us that contains microbes, which helps in promoting the growth of plants and trees by increasing the supply of essential nutrients to the plants. It comprises living organisms which include mycorrhizal fungi, blue-green algae, and bacteria. It is made available in various types depending on the need and demand of the people. It entails as a fertilizer containing living organisms which is classified as phosphate-solubilizing and nitrogen-fixing fertilizers which contains fungi or bacteria. The fertilizer is mainly used in the various agricultural places for keeping the plants healthy. The Bio Fertilizer is highly useful.
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phosphate solubilizing bacteria

Price: 50000 INR/Ton

Phosphate Solubilizing Bio Fertilizer the second main nutrient for plant growth

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Rhizobium Biofertilizer

Price: 50000 INR/Ton

Rhizobium Biofertilizer is a nitrogen-fixing biofertilizer

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Azotobacter Bio-fertilizer

Price: 45000 INR/Ton

Azotobacter Bio Fertilizer is a carrier-based powder formulation

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Azospirillum Bio fertilizer

Azosprillum is a beneficial soil-borne bacterium capable of fixing a considerable quantity of nitrogen in the soil

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Bio Potash

Price: 8000 INR/Ton

Bio Potash Granules is basically made from Neemwood ash, Molasses and sea base proteins.

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Myco-g Biofertilizers

Price: 38000 INR/Ton

We are offering a very good product name as Microryza. It is a Natural or Bio Fertilizer. By its usage the growthable bacteria increase in a crop or plant. It is also helpful for catching main element from the land to any crop.

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Apm Green Cms 20 5 20

Price: 7500 INR/Kilograms
  • Application:Agriculture
  • Type:Other
  • Color:White
  • Classification:Other
  • Chemical Name:Other
  • Purity(%):99.9%
  • Physical State:Granular
  • Delivery Time:1-5 Days
  • Supply Ability:21 Per Day
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Bio-Expert Zyme

Price: 8000 INR/Ton

We are offering HUMIC FLOWER (Bio Organic Zyme Based Product) that improves the biological & physical properties of the soil & also the growth of beneficial microbes.

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ammonium phosphate sulphate

Price: 55000 INR/Ton

Bhoomika Phosphate Sulphate Fertiliser. Besides two micro-nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus)


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